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                             Happy Howl-idays Everyone !

                     Many Thanks to all who helped make our Fall Fundraiser a success.
                       We were able to reach our goal and appreciate your generous support.
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Welcome to our site.  You'll find photos of our available coonhounds and beagles, information about the coonhound breed, training tips for coonhound owners, and links to other informative and entertaining coonhound websites.

Northeast Coonhound Rescue is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to the welfare and rescue of coonhounds, hound mixes, and beagles.  We transport dogs from the southern
and midwestern states to New England, New York and New Jersey to find their forever homes.  We promote the coonhound breeds in the Northeast and provide educational information to potential adopters.  We also provide referrals to coonhounds available through shelters and other rescues in New England.
   We hope you'll join our community of hound lovers, visit our facebook page, and come and meet us at our  events and trail walks with our rescued hounds.



The Coonhound Rescue Mission

Coonhounds are abandoned in shelters because in many parts of the country they have very little value as pets.  They are often kept outside in pens and sometimes do not even have names. They are sometimes viewed as 'hunting equipment' and will even have numbers or symbols painted or tattooed on them.  But coonhounds are highly sociable dogs - they love living with people too.  Unfortunately,  they are often surrendered after hunting season is over, or if as young dogs they do not prove themselves to be good trackers. They can also become stray after wandering off, as well as falling victim to changes in the owners health, finances or living situation - like all shelter dogs.  Because they are so 'common' in the South and relatively unknown in the North, coonhounds often never make it out of shelters and are passed over by other dog rescue groups.  Our mission is to educate people about the suitability of coonhounds as pets and to support hound adoption in the Northeastern states.

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