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Coonhound Trivia

Pluto, with his floppy ears and tail and big feet, was based on a coonhound!

Amusing and Interesting Coonhound Links

   Take a look at this coonhound photography project:

     Tour a Cemetery just for Coonhounds in Alabama:

     Try this when you're bored:

     Blue-tick and orangutan friends:
               Photo Gallery:

     Hounds in Cartoons:

     Follow the life of Daisy Doolitle:      
               Facebook:   Daisy Doolittle
               Twitter:  @iamDaisyDoo

Read About Your Dog's Journey From the South

More Information About Coonhounds

     This website is oriented to hunting coonhounds, but has some good links and information:

      A new website with lots of information about coonhounds and a blog with owner's comments, videos
      and more:

      A new web publication dedicated to purebred coonhound fanciers:

       An article about why coonhounds make great pets:

Coonhound Reading (Fiction)

       Sounder by William H. Armstrong 

       Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls  

        Possum Came a Knockin      (Children's) 

        Where the Coonhound Grows  - Short Story by T. L. McCallan

Coonhound Shopping 

     T-Shirts, Bumper Stickers, etc.


Coonhound Social Networking

       Coonhound chat, questions, advice, suggestions:
               -  coonhoundfanciers group (join) 

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