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Available through Northeast Coonhound Rescue and our Beagle Rescue Program:
These dogs are in foster care in Massachusetts.  If you are interested, send us an email
with the information asked for on the 'Adoption Application' page. All of our rescued dogs
are fully vetted: spayed or neutered, up-to-date on shots, tested for heartworm,  and intestinal parasites.  They are treated if necessary before being made available for adoption.       
Please visit the Adoption Application page to apply.


Danny is a sweet, friendly beagle from West Virginia.  He is about 4 years old and weighs about 36 lbs. He is playful, but a little timid when you first meet him. He just needs a little time to warm up and adjust for his personality to shine. He gets along well with other dogs and seems a bit scared of cats. He would do best in a home with older children. Danny has arrived and is in foster care in the Boston area and ready for visits.

 Tucker is a friendly boy from West Virginia.  He's about 3 years old and weighs about 23 lbs.  He is good with other dogs and enjoys attention. Tucker will arrive in Massachusetts mid-September.

Oliver is a very sweet hound/beagle mix from West Virginia. He is friendly, playful and well behaved.  He likes being with his people and tends to stick close to them. Cuddling and laying on the couch with his family are among his favorite things to do. He rides great in the car and walks well on his harness. He loves walks, being outdoors and being cuddled.   Oliver gets along well with other dogs, but chases cats so a home without cats is a must. 
Oliver is deaf and has some separation anxiety, however, he does well being alone with another young dog. Oliver is house broken and prefers not to be in a crate.
Due to his deafness, Oliver startles easily. Although he loves children, he would do best in a quiet, all adult home with another dog.  He is about a year and a half and weighs about 43 lbs.

 Joey is as sweet as can be. He is about a year old and weighs about 34 lbs. He can be a real goofball at times. He enjoys attention and is always willing to join the fray when lovin' is being given. He loves to play with people and with toys. He's pretty quiet unless one of his foster siblings starts barking, Then he's happy to join in! He is great in the house and does ok in the crate.  He is good with cats and dogs. 
Joey is still nervous outside with all the sights and sounds, but is very interested in other dogs. He needs an adopter who can help him build confidence and  get better at socializing. He's a great snuggler and sleeps in bed with his foster mom. Joey is being fostered in Maine and is available for visits.

  Remy is an adorable 7 month old coonhound mix puppy who was surrendered by his owner.  He is currently 23 lbs. His adult weight should be about 40-45 lbs. Remy is very friendly and playful. He gets along great with other dogs. He loves his people and likes to know where they are. He is doing very well house training and doesn't need to be crated. Remy is very loving and has a sweet disposition. He is smart and curious; an all around wonderful dog who will make a great family pet. He is doing fine with the cats in his foster home although he does bark at them sometimes.  Remy is being fostered south of Boston and is available for visits.

Roscoe is a cute little hound mix pup.  His father was a Beagle;  mother was a Brittany/redbone.  He's about 5 mos old and weighs 19 lbs., and should have an adult weight of about 40 lbs.  Roscoe likes attention from people - he's sweet and friendly and lovable and will roll over on his back for petting. He likes to put his paws up on you for attention but is quite gentle. Roscoe is learning to walk on a leash, like most puppies he'll need some structure and help with housebreaking.  Roscoe has arrived in Massachusetts and is ready for visits.

                                                             Maggie Jo
Maggie Jo is a treeing walker coonhound, 2 - 3 yrs old and weighing about 50 lbs.  She's sweet, likes to meet new people and enjoys attention.  She's playful and we think she'd be a good family dog.  She keeps her kennel clean and might be housebroken.  Maggie will be arriving in Massachusetts Sept 30.

                                                  Hannah - Adopted !
Hannah is a pretty bluetick American English Coonhound from Virginia.  She was found stray - she's been gaining weight and is looking healthy and happy now.  Hannah is 2 - 3 yrs old and weighs about 45 lbs. She like to meet new people, and seems quite confident in new situations.  She likes to play but is not hyper about it. She's good with other dogs. Her fosters in Virginia think she will be a great family dog and companion.  Hannah has arrived and is ready for visits.


 Count is a sweet hound who has had a hard life.  He turned up stray on a farm in Virginia. The owners have fostered for NECR before and took him in.  Count is about 5 years old and weighs about 50 lbs.   He's an easy-going hound who likes to be in the company of his people and some other dogs.  Count is a bit of a ragdoll, he loves to flop down on his back and enjoys cuddling and sleeping with the other dogs at his foster home.  Count is housebroken and is comfortable in his crate.   He's come a long way in the last 6 months and is more healthy and confident. He's been treated for heartworm and is up-to-date on all vaccines and tests.  Count's ideal home would have another dog or two, and someone who is home most of the time,  He loves to ride in the car and can easily go along on errands and day trips.  Count is very interested in cats and might chase, but it might also depend on how the cat is acting.  He likes to play with his toys, especially things like plastic containers that crunch and crackle. He has some separation anxiety and doesn't like thunderstorms - he'll seek out a quiet place to hide. Count is ready to come to Massachusetts as soon as a foster or adopter is found.

                                                   Honey - Adoption Pending
Honey is an 8 month old red and white coonhound pup from Virginia. She's playful, loves to meet new people, sweet and friendly.   Her Virginia foster says she's much cuter in person.  Honey will have an adult weight of about 45 lbs.  Honey is sweet as can be!  She's arrived and is ready for visits.

Banjo and Fiddle are a pair of one yr old coonhounds who showed up stray on someone's property in southwest Virginia.  They are friendly, good with other dogs, and happy to meet new people. Banjo is a bit more confident than Fiddle and the two seem to be quite bonded.  We'd like to place them together. Banjo weighs about 65 lbs. Banjo and Fiddle will arrive around Sept 28th.

Banjo and Fiddle are a pair of one yr old coonhounds who showed up stray on someone's property in southwest Virginia.  They are friendly, good with other dogs, and happy to meet new people. Fiddle likes being near Banjo and the two of them like each other a lot.  We'd like to find them a home together.  Fiddle weighs about 40 lbs.  Banjo and Fiddle will arrive around Sept 28th.



Bet is a slender, elegant coonhound, probably a mix of walker and ticked hounds.  She was turned in to the shelter in NC with her Mom and 6 littermates.  Bet is 1.5 yrs old although she has a lot of puppy in her still. She is a friendly, healthy girl.  She LOVES other dogs, is very sweet with people and enjoys attention.  Bet is housebroken, she walks well on a leash and she's learning 'sit'.  Bet needs at least one other dog in the home and a fence at least 5' high. She would also be best with older kids due to her tendency to stand up on he hind legs.    She weighs 49 lbs. She’s interested in the cat at her foster home, but is not aggressive. She is a VERY lovey girl and just wants to be part of the family. Bet is here in the Boston area and available for visits.

Shelly is a sweet, happy hound mix from Virginia. She is about 4 years old and weighs about 53 lbs. She is friendly and gets along well with other dogs. Her foster mom says she is very funny and likes to hide toys behind pillows and cushions. She loves attention and being outdoors. Shelly was heartworm positive, but has been treated and will be transported arriving in Massachusetts Sept 24.

Courtesy Listings

The dogs listed here are adoptable through other organizations or individuals.  Northeast Coonhound Rescue has not evaluated these dogs and has no information on their health or temperment.  All information and negotiations regarding these dogs are between the adopter and the organization listing them below. If no contact is given, please reply to us and we will forward your inquiry to the responsible person or organization in possession of the dog.

Beatrice is a gorgeous Treeing Walker Coonhound available at Danbury Animal Welfare Society in CT.  This gentle soul has a wonderful personality and enjoys her time outdoors running and playing, as well as snuggling in a comfy resting place indoors.  She loves to play with tennis balls and frisbees.  She's been in a foster home for the past 4 months and is housebroken and knows some obedience commands.  Beatrice does well meeting new people,  walks well on a leash and plays well with other medium to large dogs. Her ideal home would be one without cats, and with a fenced yard.  She has a medium energy level and will settle down for a long nap after some exercise.  Beatrice is about 2 yrs old and weighs 63 lbs. We have a video available showing Beatrice working with her foster on some obedience commands.  If interested visit:
Copper is a handsome redbone coonhound who was purchased as a puppy and stayed with his first family for three years, although they really didn't have time for him. He needs good daily exercise, some obedience training, and some help with socialization with other dogs.  He has great potential to be a good dog; he enjoys attention from people; likes his outdoor time and would do well with someone who has patience with providing structure and consistency.  Copper is not good around cats and seems to prefer the company of female to male dogs. He is currently at a municipal animal control facility in RI.  If interested please contact us at


Charlotte is a beautiful bluetick coonhound who has been at a shelter in New York state for way too long.  She's a good dog and will be a nice hound companion if just given a chance. Charlotte is about 4-5 years old and last month, weighed in at 60 lbs. She came to the shelter in April of 2017 from a shelter in Kentucky, after being found as a stray. She is spayed and current on rabies and distemper, and is also microchipped. She had a dental cleaning last April with only one extraction. Charlotte gets tested for heartworm and tick borne illnesses each year and was treated for Lyme in April of this year.
We learned early on that Charlotte can climb chain link fencing and digs. When she digs, it is usually to create a cool spot to lay in, but we let potential adopters know regardless. She can get anxious being cooped up in our kennel on days that she can't go into her yard, so we have been giving her Purina's Calming Care. It really helps to chill her out and keep her from becoming stir crazy. IShe probably won't need to continue taking this once she is in a home. She is afraid of thuderstorms, and is given trazadone beforehand, to keep her calm during the storm.
Charlotte is adventurous, yet cuddly. She loves going for walks and does well on a harness. She also enjoys lounging around, being pet, and cuddled. She does not do well with cats and dogs, but is wonderful with people. She hasn't been aroCund many children, but was well behaved around the few she has met. Because of how our kennel is set up, we cannot guarantee that Charlotte is house broken. When she is given access to her outdoor space or her play yard, she will go to the bathroom outside. However, in the colder months when we keep the doggie doors in her run closed most of the time, it is not uncommon for her to go to the bathroom inside, especially overnight.
The ideal family for Charlotte would be one that doesn't have other pets, is active, and has a fenced yard that she cannot climb. A family that has experience with hound dogs is highly preferred. Contact Hudson Valley Humane Society at

Fred is bluetick coonhound who was rescued from a shelter in NH several years ago.  His family has many rescued animals including several dogs and Fred has never fit in with the pack. Lately he's been exhibiting some guarding behaviors towards the other dogs and his owner has decided that he'd probably be happy in a different home.  Fred is about 9 yrs old; he's not high energy, although he does have some prey drive and would not be good with cats.  He prefers to be with female dogs.  Fred will be a great companion for someone who wants to give this dog a quieter home as he heads into his golden years.  Contact :

Lucy is a 3 year old spayed female hound mix. She has a beautiful brindle coat with white accents. Lucy was adopted by her current owners when she was just 3 months old so she has only ever lived in 1 home. Lucy is a very affectionate and loveable dog! She enjoys going on long walks in the woods, car rides, peanut butter, and snuggling with her owners. She has lived in both the city and the country, and she loves both! Lucy has been through extensive training to curb her excitability. She is fully crate trained, house broken, and has been through 2 separate multi-week overnight training sessions. She is a very good listener. She loves her owners and obeys all commands.
Lucy’s ideal home is one without small children or other pets, and an owner willing to go for lots of walks!

Please send an email to if you are interested in meeting Lucy!

                                               Dakota, and Washington

Bandit's Place Rescue in CT has several coonhounds available:
Dakota and Washington are 5 month old pups, born 02-26-19, they're the last of 11 to go home.  Both boys.  Both had DNA testing and yep, 90% coonie, 5% Lab and 5% Border Collie.  Dakota has more of a white face and Washington is darker.  Both will be about 60-65 pounds as adults.  Both have those sad Coonie eyes.  But don't let that fool you - They're coonhounds!!!!.

If interested contact:

Georgie is a three year old hound mix. Georgie had gotten adopted last year, but unfortunately he came back into rescue a few months ago. Due to no fault of his own, he’s already had a few fosters in a short amount of time. This is really tough. We hate seeing the dogs bounced around because people won’t put the effort in to make them more comfortable or work with them. Georgie needs a new foster right now, like ASAP. The foster will have to understand that he is confused and uncertain right now, he is not incredibly confident as it is and this has been exacerbated by bouncing around. A foster will have to understand that they need to work with us and our trainers so that we can get Georgie into a good head space. They will need to understand that he needs time to decompress. That means no meeting strangers, random dogs, etc for quite a few weeks until he settles in, and even then, there is a right and wrong way to do those things. It needs to be done the right way, which we will help you with, but you must follow instruction. 
Georgie is incredibly sweet and snuggly once he warms up to you. He loves to play, hike, go on walks. He’d love a yard to lay around in. He does fine in his crate. He can’t be placed with kids right now or a high traffic home (unless you’re willing to 100% follow instruction and put Georgie away when new people come over.) He can live with another dog his own size, but again, it needs to be done properly so he wouldn’t be coming into your home and immediately interacting with another dog, it would be a slow integration. 
I know it sounds like it’s some work, but it’s not that hard and even when it is, it’s worth it! You’re saving a life when you foster a dog until they’re adopted. You help them gain confidence, help them heal whether it be mentally or physically. It’s so fulfilling and so worth it. 
If you can step up to foster him and live in MA or RI, please email us!

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