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Available through Northeast Coonhound Rescue and our Beagle Rescue Program:
These dogs are in foster care in Massachusetts.  If you are interested, send us an email
with the information asked for on the 'Adoption Application' page. All of our rescued dogs
are fully vetted: spayed or neutered, up-to-date on shots, tested for heartworm,  and intestinal parasites.  They are treated if necessary before being made available for adoption.       
Please visit the Adoption Application page to apply.

                                              Toby, Rosco and Rowdy
Toby, Rosco, and Rowdy ( in order of photos), are 3 little beagles from Virginia.  They are all about 1.5 yrs old, and weigh about 25 lbs   We will place these beagle boys separately but would prefer to have another dog in the home rather than have any be an only dog. Placing 2 as a pair is also possible. Toby, Rosco and Rowdy were owned by a hunter who is older now and no longer hunts.  They can be  shy in new situations, but will warm up to people with a little patience and TLC.  Their littermate 'Trooper' came north a month ago and has made a great transition to the pampered life as a pet.  Arriving May 8th.

                                              Tommy - Adoption Pending
Matilda and Tommy are sweet little Beagles, 2 - 3 yrs old and about 20 lbs.  We will place together or separately.  They have good temperments, are easy going, not barky, ride well in the car and would be good for families or individuals.  Arriving  April 29.

                                            Matilda - Adoption pending
Matilda and Tommy are sweet little Beagles, 2 - 3 yrs old and about 20 lbs.  We will place together or separately.  They have good temperments, are easy going, not barky, ride well in the car and would be good for families or individuals.  Arriving  April 29.

                                               Mollie  - Adopted
 Mollie is a sweet, gentle girl.  She's a little tentative in new situations, but with some TLC and patience, she'll come out of her shell and within a short time, she'll gently put her paws up on you to let you know she wants some petting. Mollie is doing fine at her foster home - she's really come out of her shell and is quite the cuddler.  Mollie is doing well at learning to walk on a leash. She's fine with other dogs, not barky or destructive; has also been fine with cats.  She's 5 -6 yrs old and weighs about 40 lbs. Mollie has arrived and is in the Boston area ready for visits. 

                                                   Speckles - Adopted !
 Speckles is a friendly and sweet bluetick coonhound mix.  She has a great personality and warms up to new people quickly.  She'll be a good all-around hound for an individual or a family.  She gets along well with other dogs too.  Speckles is about 4 yrs old and weighs about 45 lbs. Arriving April 29.

Star is a female bluetick coonhound from Virginia.  She's about 4 yrs old and weighs about 45 lbs.  Star can be a little tentative around new people but with a little patience and TLC she does fine. 
Star had a 'cherry eye' when she came into rescue, this has been treated at the vet and we'll have new photos coming. Star will arrive in early May.

Louie is a handsome and loving redtick English Coonhound.  He's a playful hound who likes his daily exercise.  He's been living with a family in Connecticut for the past few years but is having trouble staying in the fenced yard.  Louie gets along well with other dogs, he's housebroken, has some obedience training, and is a good-natured companion.
Louise is about 5 years old and weighs 75 lbs.


  Bernie is a handsome black and tan coonhound from Tennessee.  He's affectionate, playful, good with other dogs.  He's crate-trained and getting better at walking on leash.  Bernie is 3 - 4 yrs old and weighs about 45 lbs.  Available for transport April 8.


Trixie says 'Is there a home out there for me  ??' Trixie is a pretty little black and tan coonhound mix with plenty of energy and love to bring into your life. She's about 10 yrs old and weighs about 45 lbs.  Trixie enjoys her daily walks - she walks well on a leash.  She's housebroken. Trixie loves her naps on the couch and enjoys snuggling with her favorite person  She knows some commands like 'Sit' and 'Give paw'.   Trixie has plenty of energy and presents as a younger dog - she still loves tracking and sniffing.  She is probably not a great fit with children, and No Cats please.   Trixie just had a full exam at the vet and is very healthy- and up-to-date on vaccines. Trixie is available for visits in the Boston area.  Adoption Fee will be waived for the right home.

 Sawyer is a hound mix from Virginia. These are his 'mug shots' when he first arrived at the shelter, more photos coming.  Sawyer is a friendly, happy hound boy. He's smart, playful, food motivated and will make a good companion.  Sawyer is 3 - 4 yrs old and weighs about 45 lbs. Sawyer has arrived and is ready for visits!

 Donut is a happy hound, about 3 yrs old and weighing about 50 lbs.  She's friendly and gets along well with other dogs, is engaging with new people. Donut enjoys riding in the car, she's doing well at learning leash manners and is almost housebroken.   Donut will arrive April 29.


                                                       Sally Mae  - Adopted
Sally Mae is a beautiful purebred bluetick coonhound from North Carolina with quite a story to tell.  She was found wandering with a bad infection causing swelling in her face and eye. She was brought to the county shelter where they immediately looked for a rescue to take her and sponsor vetting.  A visit to the vet revealed that Salle Mae has been shot and a bullet was lodged in her jaw.
She was taken to a veterinary specialty hospital where they cleaned her wound and started the healing and recovery process.  With the help of her wonderful fosters in Virginia, she has made a complete recovery.  She has a beautiful face and a personality to match.
Sally Mae enjoys attention and company.  She likes getting exercise in a fenced yard.  She will walk on a leash but has not had a lot of practice with that.  Sallly Mae doesn't like cold weather and will quickly do her business and come right back in - she'd rather be nesting in her bed and keeping warm ! She enjoys attention from her people and also likes the company of other dogs.
Sally Mae is about 3-4  yrs old and weighs about  50 lbs.  Sally Mae has arrived and is ready for visits.


  Brock has the markings of a bluetick American English Coonhound, but he's on the small side for a male at about 44 lbs.  Brock is well-mannered, okay with cats, fine with other dogs.  He loves petting; he'll bury his head in your arm or over your shoulder and likes to be hugged. He's very engaging with new people.  Brock is getting accustomed to walking on a leash and is doing well.  He likes to sniff but doesn't pull much.  He would be a good family dog but would probably not like a home that is too chaotic.  Brock is about 2 yrs old. He has arrived and is ready for visits.


 Pancake is a young treeing walker coonhound from Virginia.  She's a year old and weighs about 40 - 45 lbs.  Panckake likes to meet new people, she's easy going, playful, happy and friendly, and is a good passenger in the car. Pancake is a little too interested in cats - so no cats please.  Pancake will be arriving in May 1.


Buford is a handsome young treeing walker coonhound mix from Virginia.  He's friendly with new people and gets along well with other dogs. Buford is active and playful and would love to have a canine companion and a fenced yard.  He's eager to please and will make good progress with obedience training.  He already knows 'sit', and will sit nicely to receive attention - he loves to have his neck and ears rubbed ! Buford is housebroken, crate-trained, and learning to walk nicely on a leash, he's a good passenger in the car. He'll be a great hound companion for a family or owner who can spend some time with him.  Buford is about 1.5 yrs old and weighs about 50 lbs He has arrived and is ready for visits -  fostering north of Boston.


 Clyde is a charming and smart dog who loves to run with his nose to the ground and play indoor scent games.  He's a playful, energetic hound who is thriving with consistency and training.  
Clyde is sensitive to touch and is la little guarded about the possibility of being treated roughly , which has apparently happened to him in the past.   Because of his size and sensitivity he would be best placed in a quiet adult home or a home with older children who are able to give him the exercise and space he needs while building trust.  Clyde is working with a trainer to gain confidence and obedience skills with positive training. 
With continued training and consistency, it is expected that Clyde will be a loving, loyal companion.
  He's good with other dogs and knows a few commands.   He would do well in a home with another dog or dogs, he needs exercise and room to run and play.  He moves like a classic goofy coonhound, elegantly prancing on his big floppy paws.   We are seeking an adopter who would be interested in participating in Clyde's training sessions and working with him to bond and gain his trust before finally becoming his owner.  This is an opportunity for someone who loves hounds to help a special hound in need. Clyde is 3 - 4 yrs old and is located north of Boston


Courtesy Listings

The dogs listed here are adoptable through other organizations or individuals.  Northeast Coonhound Rescue has not evaluated these dogs and has no information on their health or temperment.  All information and negotiations regarding these dogs are beween the adopter and the organization listing them below. If no contact is given, please reply to us and we will forward your inquiry to the responsible person or organization in possession of the dog.


                                                       Sam and Annie
 Sam and Annie are a pair of bonded coonhounds who are looking for their third and final home since being rescued in Tennessee several years ago.  First rescuer took them in with intent to keep them but a change in job schedule after a few years made that impossible.  A foster took them in several months ago but is finding it difficult to have two coonhounds without a fenced yard.    Annie is 6, weighs about 45 pounds.  Sam is 8, and weighs about 50.    They are both crate-trained and house-trained, and are both sweet, friendly dogs.  They're great with kids (we don't know about cats).  They are typical hounds on walks, keep their noses to the ground and will certainly pursue delicious smells, so they'd be best in a home with a fenced yard.  They are strong, will pull on the leash but both are better with the Easy Walk harness.  They love car trips, sunbaths and couch naps with their people.  They're both up to date on their shots.  Sam has a luxating patella, so he walks gingerly (doesn't run) but he's fine going up and down stairs, getting into the car. Annie is spayed, Sam is about to be neutered.  These two are a great pair and will make a good pair of companions for anyone who loves coonhounds.  Located in metrowest Boston. Contact us at for details.

                                                      Bruno - Puppy !!
 This is 'Bruno', an adorable 9 month old Treeing Walker Coonhound puppy available through a local animal control office in Massachusetts. He was recently rescued from California, but his rescuer can no longer keep him. Bruno is sweet and loves his walks. He's had a little anxiety which is to be expected with the recent changes and his arrival at the kennel. Some exercise, structure, and TLC in a new home would be great for him. Please contact Kingston MA Animal Control at 781-585-0529

 Banjo is a 6 yr old neutered male. He came up from the south and has been waiting a few months for his Forever Home.  Banjo needs room to run and play and get his daily exercise. He loves his walks in the woods and does well with other dogs.
Banjo is available from the Animal Protection Center in Brockton, MA.
Contact Trisha at

Blue is a very handsome, fun and loving 4.5 yr.old male hound mix that weighs about 75 lbs. He's a very friendly, outgoing, happy, loyal and sweet. He likes to play with all kinds of dogs as you can see him playing in the video, but doesn't get along well with cats. Some of his favorite things to do are: walks/hikes, camping, car rides, and playing with toys (loves Kong's). He LOVES to hang out with his people!
Blue's ideal home would be a home with a little less commotion with older teens/adult home since little kids keep him on alert and he's very protective of them. He's got a laid back personality all in all. He's trained in all his basic commands (sit, stay, down, leave it, off, etc) and is fully trained on a perimeter wireless fence as well! A yard to run/hang out in is a must! He's super smart and a fast learner, especially is you have a treat (he's VERY food motivated). In his foster figured out how to open the doggie doors using the latch! He is already crate-trained and house-trained.    Available from Almost Home Rescue in Maine. Contact:  Karen at

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