Northeast Coonhound Rescue   

Available through Northeast Coonhound Rescue and our Beagle Rescue Program:
These dogs are in foster care in Massachusetts.  If you are interested, send us an email
with the information asked for on the 'Adoption Application' page. All of our rescued dogs
are fully vetted: spayed or neutered, up-to-date on shots, tested for heartworm,  and intestinal parasites.  They are treated if necessary before being made available for adoption.       
Please visit the Adoption Application page to apply.

Grover is a sweet tricolor beagle from VA. He is 5-6 years old and weighs about 20 lbs.  Grover is settling in well in his foster home. He is still getting used to all the sights and sounds of living in a home, but loves human attention. Although he is starting to show a little grey, he has a lot of energy and enjoys dog toys and going on walks. He is having no trouble keeping up on walks with the resident blue tick mix who is about 50 pounds.  In fact, he is always excited when he sees a squirrel or chipmunk and in true beagle fashion is ready to give chase. Grover has arrived and is ready for visits. 

 Sport and Minkie are 5 year old Beagles from Virginia, weighing about 25 lbs.  They came from a home where all the animals were seized, but the dogs seems to be well taken care of.  Sport and Minkie are friendly and very cute. Arriving in late October.

Jenna is a friendly tricolor Beagle from VA. She is house trained, low maintenance and quite affectionate. Jenna plays with her toys and keeps herself amused. She is very quiet and an easy companion.  She would be best one on one with an adult who lavishes attention and care on her. She loves walks and running free in a fenced in area. Jenna is best suited as a only dog. Jenna is being fostered on Cape Cod and is ready for visits. 

Bailey is back in the rescue looking for his forever home. Unfortunately, his placement didn't work out because his mom works all day. Bailey has separation anxiety and needs to be in a home where his person is home most of the day or in a situation where he can go with his person. He is always up for a car ride and does great, even for longer rides.
Bailey is very loving and just wants to be next to/pet by his person whenever possible. He's happy snuggling up on the sofa all day. He prefers to be the only dog in the home so he can soak up all the love.
In his previous home he lived with a kitten and was very well behaved with her. Even when she was trying to play he just ignored her and didn't even try to eat her food.
As long as someone is home he is very low maintenance. He will happily go outside when you ask him or accept a treat, but he generally won't ask for either and is content to just hang out.   Bailey is in foster care southwest of Boston and is ready for visits.

                                       Minkie  - Adoption Pending
  Sport and Minkie are 5 year old Beagles from Virginia, weighing about 25 lbs.  They came from a home where all the animals were seized, but the dogs seems to be well taken care of.  Sport and Minkie are friendly and very cute. Arriving in late October.

                                                  Luke  - Adopted
Luke is a young beagle mix from VA. He is about 2-4 yrs old and approximately 25-30 lbs. Luke was terrified at the shelter he was in, but has become much more comfortable in his current environment. He is friendly and walks well on a leash. Luke will arrive mid - late October.

Shadow is a sweet, friendly, kooky Beagle from VA. He is good on a leash and appears to be house trained. He is 2 years old and weighs 25 lbs. Shadow's elderly owner had to go into a nursing home so the family surrendered him. He is extremely playful. He would do best with another dog or two. However,  he never wants to stop playing. Other dogs may need  to let him know when they are done playing.  Shadow is working on learning his manners around food.  Shadow is here and ready for visits.

                                           Pat/Missy - Adoption Pending          
Pat is a retired hunting dog from Maine. She's a 5 year old lemon and white Beagle who weighs about 32 lbs. Her foster mom has been calling her Missy because it fits her better. She says Missy is a great dog. Being in a home is a new experience for her, but she's adjusting well. She walks well on a leash and is doing great with crate and house training. Pat is incredibly sweet. She loves dogs and even cats. She is a bit hestitant with people, but warms up quickly.

                                               Champ  - Adoption Pending
Champ is an owner surrender from VA. He is about 3 yrs old and has lived outside on a chain his whole life. Despite his circumstance, Champ is very sweet and thrives on attention. He absolutely loves to be hugged and soak up all the affection he's been missing out on. He will arrive mid-late October.

                                             Cher  - Adoption Pending

Puppies Puppies Puppies !  Sonny and Cher are treeing walker hound puppies, almost 4 months old.  They are typical playful, energetic puppies.  They weight almost 20 lbs and should have an adult weight of about 45 - 50 lbs.  Arriving October 27.

                                                Brandy and Blanche
Brandy and Blanche are two female hound pups who were dropped off at a shelter in Virginia.  Brandy is the darker one, Blanche is the mostly white one.   They are healthy, happy, playful little pups who will be 5 - 6 months old when they arrive November 10. 
We expet they will have an adult weight of about 45 lbs Placing separately or together.

Sara was brought to a Virginia shelter with her two pups Sami and Selli.  Sarah is sweet and friendly and likes to engage with new people.  She was a great Mom to her pups but now it's time for them to all find a home.  Sarah is about 3 yrs old and weighs about 45 lbs.  Arriving in Massachusetts in late Nov 3.

                                            Sammi  - Adoption Pending
Sami is a cute little treeing walker oonhound pup.  She was dropped at a Virginia shelter with her sister Selli and her Mom Sara. This little family has been in boarding for the past few weeks.  Sami and Selli will be ready to come north at the end of October when they are about 12 weeks old.  Photos were taken at about 6 wkks old. They should have adult weights of about 45 lbs.

                                                Selli  - Adoption Pending
Selli is a cute little treeing walker coonhound pup.  She was dropped at a Virginia shelter with her sister Sami and her Mom Sara. This little family has been in boarding for the past few weeks.  Sami and Selli will be ready to come north at the end of October when they are about 12 weeks old. Photos were taken at about 6 weeks old. Pups should have an adult weight of about 45 lbs.

 Daisy is 2-3 yrs old and weighs about 55 lbs.  She's friendly with new people and good with other dogs - her tail is always wagging  Daisy is housebroken, crate-trained, and walks pretty well on a leash.  She'll be a good family dog - she has a sweet personality and is pretty mellow most of the time.  Daisy is a little too interested in cats - so no cats please.  Daisy has arrived and is ready for visits. 

Cameron is a Bluetick Coonhound mix.  He's somewhere between 8-10 years old and about 55-60 pounds.  Cameron is housebroken and crate trained.  He also knows how to communicate when he needs to go out.  He'll sit by the front door and wait, or give a bark or two to get your attention to let you know.  Cameron did receive basic obedience training.  He knows how to sit, come, and lay down.  He does need to be on a leash when he's outside or be in a gated area when off leash since he tends to catch a scent and then go off if he's not on leash.  He does a great job walking on leash and loves taking walks whenever he can.

Cameron is mostly a medium energy dog with bursts of high energy.  He loves his naps and laying in the sun but he's always up for going outside and taking walks so he can smell the neighborhood.  We're not sure if Cameron is good around cats since hes never been exposed to one; he is fine around other dogs.  He has been going to daycare for a few years now and has never had any issues.  Cameron is also good around kids, and lives with a 2 yr old.   Cameron doesn't like to be handled roughly by children so it's important to keep children under control around him. 

Cameron is extremely smart and friendly.  If he sees another dog or person on a walk all he wants to do is run over and say hello.  He loves to be around people and be pat or get some treats. His favorite thing to do is curl up next to you on the couch so he can be as close to you as he can.  He also loves practicing sitting and laying down to get treats.  He also does a little dance where he lefts his back legs whenever he gets his bum scratched.  He's just a really happy dog that wants to spend as much time with you as possible.
Cameron is being rehomed  because his family has another baby on the way, and Cameron,being a hound, has a habit of getting into things.  His family feels that he would be safer and happier in a home where people have more time for him.  Cameron is in the Boston area and is available for visits.

Sampson is a bluetick coonhound from Virginia.  He's about 3 yrs old and weighs about 45 lbs.  Sampson is easygoing and friendly, he gets along well with all the dogs at his foster home and has a very sweet personaility.   His foster in Virginia says he's  one of the easiest dogs she's had.  Sampson has arrived and is ready for visits.   FOSTER NEEDED

 June is a playful, active, friendly little hound/beagle mix from Virginia.  She's about 5 yrs old and weighs about 40 lbs.  She gets along well with other dogs and is eager to make friends with people too.  June will chase cats, so no cats please. She did well with her housebreaking in Virginia and has learned to walk on a leash quite well too.  June will arrive in Massachusetts in November.


                                          Pumpkin  - Adoption Pending
Pumpkin is a striking redtick coonhound from Virginia. She's moved to her foster home in Virginia, enjoyed meeting all the dogs there and her trip to Tractor Supply.  Pumpkin enjoys meeting new people and walks well on a leash.  She's an eager playmate and doesn't like being confined away from the action. She'll do well with an active owner who can give her good exercise and would enjoy a canine companion.  Arriving mid October.


 Dora is a redtick coonhound mix who will make a great companion.  She's housebroken, easy-going, walks well on a leash with a front-leading harness.  She's not a big barker, doesn't dig or try to escape the yard, and is content with a couple of short walks or some time in a fenced yard. Dora is a very affectionate, friendly dog.  She warms up to new people and is always ready for some petting and belly rubs.  Dora was adopted from NECR as a puppy and is much loved by her owners.  The problem is that Dora does not get along with their other dog.  Dora does not want the other dog near her toys or sleeping spots and can get nasty about it.  She's fine with people and does not display any aggression or resource guarding; she also gets along with other dogs at the dog park or when walking on leash, although she keeps to herself and is not interested in engaging in play.  She should be fine as an only dog and would enjoy a home where someone is home at least part of the day.  Dora is 3 yrs old and weighs about 60 lbs. She is available for visits in the Boston area.

Charlene is a petite hound mix from Virginia.  She's about a year old and weighs 35 lbs.  Charlene gets along with everyone at her foster home and enjoys playing with the other dogs.  Charlene is arriving in November.


Tawny is a redtick coonhound from Virginia. She and Blue Ivy came from the same home. Tawny is about 2 yrs old and weighs about 40 lbs.  She's outgoing, sweet and friendly and looks like she's been well cared for. Tawny will arrive in Massachusetts Nov 10.

                                                         Blue Ivy
Blue Ivy is a beautiful bluetick from Virginia.  She and Tawny came from the same home along with beagles Scout and Minkie.  Ivy can be a little tentative when meeting new people and she would do best placed in a home with another hound - or with one of the dogs from her previous home.  Ivy will be arriving Nov 10.

Becky is a very sweet, 2-4 year old tricolor hound. She is good with kids and other dogs. Becky weighs 40-45 lbs. and is doing well with crate training as well as learning to walk on a leash. Becky was picked up as a stray and brought to a high kill shelter in VA. Her sweet disposition led the volunteers to search for a rescue able to take her.  Becky has arrived in Massachusetts and is available for visits.

Baron is a super sweet boy from a shelter in rural Virginia. He was dropped off in one of the outside kennels, left alone and scared. He was skinny & needed a bath but smiled through it all and won the hearts of the shelter staff.  He takes treats very politely and is figuring out this love thing is for him. To heck with hunting, he wants a chance to be a real dog, complete with warm meals, belly rubs, & a family to keep him safe forever. Baron has arrived in Massachusetts and is fostering in Southern NH where he gets along great with his two female coonhound companions.  He's 2 - 3 yrs old and weighs about   50 lbs.


 Jade is a friendly 1-2 yr old tricolor Coonhound. She weighs about 45 lbs. Jade has been fostering in southern NH where she's doing well and gaining confidence daily, although she was a little timid when she arrived from Virginia. She is quiet and not a big barker, although she'll give an occasional bark when she sees something that excites her.  She's housebroken and learning some obedience commands; she enjoys her time outside although is startled by loud noises like trucks or construction.  She walks nicely on a leash and has good house manners.  Jade loves the dogs at her foster home and would do best in a home with another dog in residence.  She is probably not well suited to an urban setting.  Jade is ready for visits in southern New Hampshire. 

Daisy is a 16 month old, 50 lb redtick coonhound from Virginia.  She's confident and friendly and engages well with new people; also does well with the other dogs she's met.  Daisy is very smart and trainable.  She's already learned sit, down, stay, and off.  She likes puzzle toys and even played some fetch games, which is unusual for a hound. Daisy would do best in a dog-experienced home, she will be an easy companion for someone who can reinforce her training and who respects her intelligence and need for some structure.  She can be willful and  might be difficult for a first time dog owner or busy family who just wants  and easy, sit-on-the-couch dog.  Daisy is available in Massachusetts for visits.

 Sadie is an outgoing 2-3  yr old tricolor Foxhound. She has a beautiful coat and big dark eyes that will melt your heart. She weighs 43 lbs., but could gain a few.  Sadie is a sweet girl who is well socialized and gets along well with other dogs. She seems to have been an outside dog but she's learning to enjoys all the comforts of a softer living space.  Sadie takes a few minutes to warm up to new people but wants to trust and welcomes petting and affection. She will be a great companion. Like all hounds, she enjoys her outside time and is most animated when out for a walk.  She does have some prey drive and is not a good fit where there are smaller dogs or cats.   She was surrendered to a county shelter in VA for no specific reason. She has arrived in Massachusetts and is ready for visits.  FOSTER NEEDED

 Tabasco,now renamed 'Baxter' is a sweet, loving foxhound from Virginia, He's about 2-3 yrs old and weighs about 45 lbs. He's the type of dog that will melt your heart - a little unsure and tentative in new situations, but he loves attention loves to lean into you for some petting. Like most hounds, Baxter loves his outside time and walks, so an active owner would be best. He is housebroken, crate-trained, and walks well on a leash using a harness. Baxter has had obedience training and continued obedience work and structure will help him to feel secure in his new home. A home with an experienced dog owner and another dog in residence would be a help as well. He can be a little anxious and we expect that the change from his foster home to an adoptive home will require some structure and attention to keeping his routines in place.  Our trainer is available to help with this transition.  Baxter is available for visits in central Massachusetts.

Star is a female bluetick coonhound from Virginia.  She's about 4 yrs old and weighs about 45 lbs.  Star can be a little tentative around new people but with a little patience and TLC she does fine. She loves playing with the other bluetick coonhound at her foster home and is a good companion for a dog needing a friend.   Star has arrived and is ready for visits in Western Mass.

Courtesy Listings

The dogs listed here are adoptable through other organizations or individuals.  Northeast Coonhound Rescue has not evaluated these dogs and has no information on their health or temperment.  All information and negotiations regarding these dogs are between the adopter and the organization listing them below. If no contact is given, please reply to us and we will forward your inquiry to the responsible person or organization in possession of the dog.


 Ziva is 6 years old. At her August 20th appt she weighed 87 lbs, which the Vet felt is a healthy weight for her (she came to us very overweight) At that appointment she received her Parvo Distemper (good until 8/14/21) & 4Dx test which was negative. Rabies is good until 3/28/19, Bordetella 2/23/19. She is SUPER laid back. She is very timid and gets overwhelmed in some situations, mostly out in public on walks when there is too much going on. She gets along great with other dogs, she is currently staying at a dog daycare so she is around dogs of all sizes but mostly keeps to herself and prefers people. She is way to interested in cats. I think she would do best in a home with older kids, she loved my 10 year old. She is crate trained but does well in the house without it. Completely house trained. I am the contact person for Ziva. My cell phone is (413)344-6964 or anyone interested can email She is such a sweet old soul and deservers her happily ever after.              

                                                      Benny and Joon
Benny & Joon were found as strays, believed to be left behind by hunters, we have no idea if they are related or not. They seem to really like each other and Benny is very attached to Joon so we would really love to place them together if possible but we realize this is a lot to ask of someone so if that doesn't happen then we will separate them but place them in homes which have another dog, because they are used to being with other dogs we think they would do best with company. They are both sweet dogs, very friendly, happy and pleasant. Benny is about 75 lbs and Joon is about 60 lbs. they are approximately 5 & 6 yrs yrs old.  Available at Warwick Animal Shelter in RI. Contact

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