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Available through Northeast Coonhound Rescue
These dogs are in foster care in Massachusetts.  If you are interested, send us an email
with the information asked for on the 'Adoption Application' page. All of our rescued dogs
are fully vetted: spayed or neutered, up-to-date on shots, tested for heartworm,  and intestinal parasites.  They are treated if necessary before being made available for adoption.       
Please visit the Adoption Application page to apply.

A big THANK YOU to the folowing folks who help us care for our hounds:

 The Ruff House, Dog Daycare and Boarding in Westford, MA        
 Holliston Meadows and Holliston Animal Hospital, Holliston MA
 Paws Club, Dogie Daycare and Boarding, Stoneham, MA               
 Tailwaggerz, Doggie Daycare and Boarding, Newton MA
 Weston Veterinary Clinic, Weston MA                            
 Woburn Animal Hospital/Ledgebrook Kennel, Woburn MA
 Bob McCullough, Training, walking and boarding. Arlington area MA
                         Specialist in E-collar off-leash training.
 K-9 East Training, Billerica, and area, MA                                     
 Bette Yip Training, Arlington, Burlington and area.

Pepper is a cute little beagle/bluetick mix from Virginia.  He's happy, playful, very engaging with new people and gets along with other dogs.   Pepper is housebroken and good with kids. Pepper is about 2 yrs old and weighs about 30 lbs.  Pepper has arrived and is in foster care near Providence RI.  


                                                            Loretta Lynne
 Loretta is a sweet little hound girl, barely a year old. She's petite and elegant; friendly, playful and energetic, but not real high maintenance. Lorreta is housebroken, crate-trained and already knows some obedience commands, her foster says she is very smart.  Lorretta can be a little ambunctious, but has show no agression or possessiveness around food or toys.  Lorretta weighs about 35 lbs and will be arriving in Massachusetts April 21.

My name is Jesse and I'm a young hound girl from Virginia.  I came to the shelter when I was 9 months old, now I'm almost a year old.  People here just don't have much use for hounds.  I'm so happy that I was selected to come to NECR and I'm getting ready for my trip to Massachusetts in April.  Here are my shelter photos, and that's me,  cuddled up to my favorite volunteer.  She took a real interest in me and
tells me that I'm her favorite hound in the whole shelter - there are many here unfortunately.  I love to play with other dogs, sometimes it takes me a few minutes to take in new situations and people, but I really like being petted and love my walks.  I weigh about 40 - 45 lbs, I'm working on housebreaking and getting comfortable with crate time in my Virginia foster home.  My ride north is booked for April 18th.

Hazel is a pretty little hound, mostly white with red freckles.  She's a happy girl, likes to meet new people and plays well with other dogs.  Hazel is about 2 yrs old, and weighs about 40 lbs.
Arriving in early May.

  Sherwod says "I'm just a pup  -living in a shelter is no way to start my life ! "  Sherwood is about 7 mos old.  He's a typical goofy, silly, coonhound pup.  He might be a mix or treeing walker, bluetick, and something else.  Sherwood weighs about 35 lbs and should have an adult weight around 50 lbs.  He'll be a great companion and a beautiful hound.  Arriving in early May.

  Pita is a young, petite, 1 yr old bluetick hound girl from Virginia. She was very thin when she came into the shelter, but she's already in a foster home and putting weight on.  She should have a mature weight of about 40 - 45 lbs.  The rescue volunteer at the county shelter and her Virgniia foster both describe Pita as beautiful, sweet, friendly, nad easy to handle.  She's enthusiastic but not crazy, not a big barker far.  Pita has arrived !

  Harvey is just a good ole hound boy from Tennessee.  Who can resist this hound face ?  He's about 2 yrs old and weighs about 55 lbs.  Everyone seems to love Harvey, there's just something about him that makes you smile.  He has that humble hound personality, he's not real high energy, not a big barker, doesn't ask for much in life - just someone to keep him company.  He walks nicely on a leash, and keeps his kennel clean where he's boarding.  Harvey will be arriving at the end of April.  Follow this link to a video of Harvey:
 Looking for a companion for your dog ?  Benny the beagle is a cute and firendly little guy who wandered out of the woods and into the farmyard of one of our Virginia fosters.  He is doing great, putting some weight on and enjoying finally being inside this cold winter.  Benny loves to play with other dogs so much that we are looking for a home where he'll have a canine companion.  He's an insistent playmate in family life  and enjoys being in the company of his people too.  Benny is about 5 yrs old and weighs about 25 lbs.  Arriving at the end of March.  Follow this link to see a video of Benny :

Cody is a very sweet bluetick coonhound boy in need of a new home. The perfect home for Cody would have a fenced yard, another dog companion, and adults only in residence.  Cody is a little cautious in new situations, but his needs in life are very few. He warms up to people in a little bit and he's made great progress in getting comfortable in his foster home.  He will bond quickly with new owners, and will be a devoted and affectionate companion.  He needs someone to show him love and patience, and a safe place to call home.   Cody is about 5 yrs old, and weighs about 45 - 50 lbs. He is housebroken, crate-trained and will walk on a leash, but prefers not to be too far from home. He prefers trail walks in the woods and country to urban sidewalks. We are seeking a kind-hearted hound-lover who can take Cody in - you will be rewarded with a sweet, gentle hound who will be devoted to you.

Heidi is a beautiful purebred hound from Alabama.  She might be a Bernese Swiss Hound, or maybe a French hound called Ariegeois - with her stunning black and white coat. Heidi has a personality to match her good looks, she's sweet and gentle, she gets along well with other dogs and enjoys her time with her favorite people.  Heidi weighs about 60 lbs and is about 3 yrs old.  No cats please.  Heidi has arrived in Massachusetts and is available for visits. Here's  a video of Heidi:


Nova is a nice friendly hound girl. She's got a steady temperment, and though she can be a little cautious in new situations, she's not skittish or fearful.  Her foster says she's sweet but not needy.  She likes both men and women, is unknown around cats.  Nova is crate-trained and her housebreaking is coming along. Nova  responds well to attention and petting and will settle in to her new life well. Nova is 2 - 3 yrs old and weighs about 45 lbs. Arriving in April.
Here's a video of Nova Playing:
Nova and the Hen:
Another Video:

                              Otis                                                                      Chance
Chance and Otis (Mini-hounds - Placing Together )
It doesn't get much cuter than this ! Chance and Otis are two adorable little hounds from Alabama.  We think they are something called 'July Hounds' - a special breed of small foxhound that was developed in the south.  Otis is about 3 yrs old and weighs about 30 lbs; Chance is about 1 yr old and weighs about 25 lbs.    Otis is a little cautious and submissive, Chance is more confident and outgoing.  Both will delight you with their playful antics and will be good company for each other - they relate well to people too.   We are looking for a home where they can stay together.  We discount adoption fees for multiple adoptions. Chance and otis are fostering in Alabama where they enjoy playing and snoozing in the sunshine.  These two are all ready to go - we will bring them up for an interested applicant.  Video of Chance and Otis Playing:
And another one:
                                10 Reasons to Adopt Chance and Otis:
 1. They're so cute !
 2. They are great playmates and will wear each other out.
 3. They'll have less anxiety in a new home and when left alone since they'll have each other.
 4. Many hound owners end up getting a second hound anyway - why not start out with 2 ?
 5. With a total weight of about 60 lbs, they're about the size of one male hound.
 6.  If we can find a home for both, they won't need to be split up. 
 7. We discount for multiple adoptions.
 8. You'll be clearing our foster home of two dogs and making room for two 'urgents'.
 9. You'll have one for each side on a cold night.
 10.  They so cute together!  (...oh..did we already say that ?)

 Here's a handsome purebred redtick coonhound from West Virginia.  Greezie is doing well at getting accustomed to life at his foster home.  He gets along great with strangers and is good with other dogs too.  He is trained on an e-collar and can be off leash that way.  He walks nicely on a leash and it seems that someone taught him to walk alongside without pulling.  Greezie loves to be petted and is a very social hound. Greezie is about 3 yrs old and weighs about 70 lbs.     No cats please.  Creezie is in foster care on Cape Cod, but visits can be arranged elsewhere.
 See a video of Greezie here:
Greezie has arrived in Massachusetts and is ready for visits - he is fostering in Cape Cod.
  Jamie is a friendly, outgoing treeing walker coonhound from Virginia.  He's housebroken, crate-trained and accustomed to walking on a leash.  He loves to romp and play, so would do well in a home with a fenced yard.  He'd be great company for another dog too.  Jamie likes hanging out with his favorite people, he's a great snuggler in the evening after he's had his exercise for the day. Jamie is a little too excited around farm animals like chickens and goats and will probably not do well with cats either.  Jamie is in foster care in western Mass, visits can be arranged.  He's about 3 - 4 yrs old and weighs 55 - 60 lbs.

   Courtesy Listings

The dogs listed here are adoptable through other organizations or individuals.  Northeast Coonhound Rescue has not evaluated these dogs and has no information on their health or temperment.  All information and negotiations regarding these dogs are beween the adopter and the organization listing them below. If no contact is given, please reply to us and we will forward your inquiry to the responsible person or organization in possession of the dog .   



 Cote is a gorgeous one year old Walker Hound , Neutered and up to date on all vaccines. He is a high energy boy who needs either a fenced in yard or an invisible fence.
He is a big mush... good with kids, other dogs. He is NOT!!! good with cats or other small farm animals. Call Another Chance Animal Rescue for an appointment to meet Cote. He is in Southern Maine.  Contact Cheryl at

                                                        Scout ( Female - Brattleboro VT)
Scout is an English Coonhound, possibly Foxhound mix who is in need of a good home where she can settle in, have some structure and TLC, and bond with her people.  She's been bounced around a little.  Scout originally came from the south through a local humane society.  Her original owner could not keep her due to changes in living situation, so she's been with friends and at a doggie daycare.Scout has typical coonhound energy and loves being outside.  She plays well with other dogs and would probably do well in a home with another dog. She seems to do well with kids.  She walks well on a leash with a harness.  Fencing might work for Scout - she would need a 5 to 6 ft fence; she has been known to go through an invisible fence, and will jump a 4 ft fence - mostly to go visiting with other dogs and the neighbors - Scout is very sociable!   When Scout can play and exercise and have her energy needs met, she is quite managable.  When she's bored, she can get into trouble.  She is a pretty typical coonhound in this respect.  Scout has a lot of love to give and will be a great companion in a hound-experienced home.  She is located in Brattleboro VT.  Contact NECR for details at

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