Northeast Coonhound Rescue   

Available through Northeast Coonhound Rescue and our Beagle Rescue Program:
These dogs are in foster care in Massachusetts.  If you are interested, send us an email
with the information asked for on the 'Adoption Application' page. All of our rescued dogs
are fully vetted: spayed or neutered, up-to-date on shots, tested for heartworm,  and intestinal parasites.  They are treated if necessary before being made available for adoption.       
Please visit the Adoption Application page to apply.

 Chazzy is a charming purebred Beagle boy who turned up stray in western Massachusetts and was at the local animal shelter for 6 months!  He's been taken into foster care and is doing great.  He's housebroken, and crate-trained.  He's very affectionate...loves to sit on laps and watch TV.  For his age he has some pep to his step and likes to play with his toys...but crashes quickly for a nap on the couch. Chazzy is good with other dogs and kids and seems to enjoy human company. He would be happiest if placed with  another dog.  Chazzy is 7 - 8 yrs old, 32 lbs, and fully vetted.  He is available for visits now.

 Annie is a sweet a affectionate little beagle girl.  She does well with moderate exercise; gets along well with other dogs; she's crate trained and housebroken.  Annie is being rehomed due to a change in living situation.  She's had some anxiety over loud noises and thunderstorms, but she is better about that and has some medication if needed.  Annie would do best in a home with another dog for company and with someone home part of the time as she really enjoys the company of her people.  Annie is a petite 20 lbs and is about 4.5 yrs old.  Annie is available for visits in Massachusetts.

                                             Hunter - Adoption Pending
 Hunter is a cute an friendly Beagle mix from North Carolina.  His foster says he is super sweet;  loves all kids of various ages;  loves all dogs, of various sizes, make or female.
 Hunter is crate trained and house broken.  He enjoys snoozing on a bed or a couch, loves the outdoors, being in the sun and sniffing the yard.
He seems to really enjoy children and was best buddies with the young boy at his foster home. He's a quiet beagle mix and will bark if he needs to go out.
Hunter is 2 - 4 years old and weighs 30 - 35 lbs.  Arriving mid April.

 Marty is a young beagle, about 2 yrs old and about 25 lbs.  Marty can be a little shy until he knows you - then he is all about petting and will roll over on his back for belly rubs.  He's submissive and gentle. He's a typical Virginia Beagle who has not lived as a pet, so some housebreaking and leash-training will be necessary, but he'll get it. Marty would do great with a dog-experienced owner and might enjoy another dog in the home for companionship.


 Abby is a young foxhound who came wandering out of the woods and onto the property of one of our Virginia foster homes.  Abby is missing her right eye,  she was found that way, so we don't know the history of her injury. But Abby thinks she's perfectly normal -  her small disability does not impact her daily life or sweet disposition. She is extremely affectionate and loves to give hugs and kisses!  Abby also makes the funniest noises when she is rolling around on the rug or a blanket and when she stretches after a nap. She is, in every way, a happy go lucky girl! She gets along very well with all sizes of other dogs and people of all ages!  Abby is approximately 3 yrs old, and weighs about 48 lbs.  Abby is housebroken;  she rides very well either loose in a car or in a crate and is fine to sleep either in a crate, under a table, or your couch or bed. She seems to like the nickname "Yabby Dabby Doo!" Abby seems to enjoy her own version of yoga as she is often seen twisting and turning herself into unique poses only a coonhound could perform. May times she will hold those poses long enough to be noticed and after making everybody around her laugh looks at you as if to say "What did I miss?"  She is truly a gem.  See a video of Abby playing with the golden retriever at her foster home here :

Jethro is a purebred bluetick coonhound from Virginia. He's about 2 yrs old and weighs about 67 lbs. He was apparently someone's pet as he appears to be housebroken. His  foster says he's a good all-around hound. Good with people, other dogs, and very huggable ! Jethro has arrived and is ready for visits.

  Ollie is an 8 month old hound mix from Virginia. He's a happy boy and never been mistreated. He needs a active family, is good with other dogs and children and likes meeting new people. Ollie is ready for transport to his new family any weekend.

 Jake is an owner-surrender from West Virginia.  He's been well-cared for and we have no information about why he lost his home.  Jake is a purebred bluetick - he's sweet and friendly, good with other dogs and will be a great companion.  Jake is 6 years old and weighs about 45 - 50 lbs. Arriving early May.

 Sparky is a cute coonhound mix puppy from NC.  He's 7 - 9 month old and weighs about 30 lbs.  He should have an adult weight of about 45 lbs.  Sparky is a friendly happy little guy.  He's engaging with new people and likes attention, he gets along great with other dogs.  Sparky is all vetted and ready for transport May 9 or 16.  He would love to have a home waiting !


 Jameson is a foxhound mix who came into a North Carolina shelter in rough shape, emaciated and weak.  He has has arrived in Massachusetts after some TLC in a Virginia foster home. He's doing great and is now fostering in the Boston area.  Jameson is about 2 yrs old and should have an ideal weight of about 38 - 40 lbs.  He has a few more lbs to go and is doing well.  Jameson is friendly and playful. He enjoys being scratched and having his head and ears rubbed and will suck up any and all attention someone wants to give him. He does well in a crate in the house and the car and is perfectly content to play with toys or chew on a bone. He loves playing with the other dogs at his foster home, both big and small.  Jameson has arrived and is ready for visits.


 Thelma is a pretty bluetick from Asheville NC.  Overall, she's very trainable, pretty well adjusted, and loving dog.  Thelma is crate-trained, almost housebroken.  She gets along well with other dogs, is true to her hound nature in her desire to track and wander, although she has some leash training and is doing well.  She warms up to women a little quicker than men, although is fine with any man who takes the time to patiently get to know her. She will make a wonderful pet, especially for a woman who works from home. Thelma needs ACL surgery on one of her back legs.  She uses the leg but does not put full weight on it.  Thelma is 2 - 3 yrs old and weighs about 45 lbs.  she is fostering south of Albany NY and transport is available.

 Here's a happy, well-mannered foxhound girl from Virginia.  Diamond gets along with other dogs, she's calm, she likes car rides, she's not barky. Diamond is about 4 yrs old and weighs about 40 lbs.  Arriving May 2.

HENRY is a 5 year old red tick. He is our gentle couch potato and very laid back. He gets along with everyone and everything. He is good with kids, other dogs, and cats. He is a true Hound with his nose to the ground during walks. He is neutered, up to date on shots, and micro-chipped.


                                               Charlotte - Adopted !
  Charlotte is a bluetick coonhound, she has been living as a pet; is housebroken, crate-trained, and good with kids. A change in living situation for the family resulted in Charlotte losing her home, she is currently in foster care on Martha's Vineyard.
Charlotte is an easy, low-maintenance hound companion.  She loves curling up for a nap with
her humans, loves a romp in the yard, and is an happy and enthusiastic participant in family life.  She has had some recurring bouts of skin irritation due to yeast infections but this has been clearing up and can be controlled with occasional medication.
 Charlotte is currently available for visits.


                                                         Bonnie and Clyde
 Bonnie and Clyde are a pair of beautiful purebred bluetick coonhounds. They were apparently dumped in the parking lot of a hunt club.  A good Samaritan has taken them in, but due to small living quarters  and work schedules cannot keep them. We are hoping to place them together.  They are affectionate, playful, healthy, wonderful hounds, about 2 yrs old, and 55 - 65 lbs.  They are working on their housebreaking and doing better.  This is a great opportunity for someone who loves blueticks and wants a pair!  Available for transport to Massachusett now.

 Here's a handsome young foxhound from Virginia.  Major is 1 - 2 yrs old and weighs about 45 lbs.  He's filled out nicely since being rescued and he's a happy boy.  Major is good with other dogs and is also good with cats.  He's ready to come north and will make the trip Feb 27 or Mar 5.



Karma is about 3 yrs old and weighs about 38 lbs.  She's like a little fawn, lightweight and elegant. She'll do well with someone who wants to help with the next stage of her rescue.  She needs some TLC, a quiet, understanding home, and a loving, patient owner.  She gets along great with other dogs and enjoys playing running and napping with the dogs at her foster home.  Some obedience work to help her gain confidence, and another dog to show her the way would also be helpful in her new home. Karma has an old injury or congenital defect with her right front 'wrist' area.  She gets around fine and puts weight on it.  Karma is available in Massachusetts.

                                                       Jenny Lynn 
 Jenny Lynn is a purebred bluetick coonhound.  Her foster in Virginia reports that Jenny is 'sweet, outgoing, beautiful, and will make a good family dog'.   She's got classic houndy looks and l...o...n...g ears ! She's friendly, good with other dogs, not too high-maintenance.  Jenny is about 3 yrs old and weighs 45 - 50 lbs.  Jenny has arrived and is ready for visits.

 Sweet and Sassy !  Sassy is NOT OLD - she just has a lot of white in her face.  Here's a great little bluetick female who is sociable, does well with other dogs and is always ready to meet new people. Sassy is housebroken, good with cats and other dogs, she loves to cuddle and give kisses; she's used to being a house pet.   Sassy is confident, always ready to meet new people.  Like a lot of hounds, she can pull on the leash when walking, but does well with a front-leading harness. Sassy weighs about 45 lbs and is about 5 yrs old.    She would love a fenced yard and another dog to play with Sassy has arrived and is ready for visits.

                                        Mitzi  - Adoption Pending
 Mitzi is a happy, energetic foxhound beagle mix from Virginia.  She's about 2 yrs old and not too big at about 40 lbs. She is a sweet , very loving little hound. She is comfortable with men and women.  She is great in the crate and she is very good in the car.  She likes to play with other dogs, and is comfortable around other dogs without barking much.  she likes to sit on top of her doghouse like Snoopy.  Mitzi likes to be an active participant in play and likes being with her humans.  Mitzi is pretty energetic so needs some daily exercise, She does well walking on a leash; she's enjoying some visits to a local doggie daycare and is well-socialized.  Mitzi has been known to climb a fence or two - so a sturdy, tall wood fence and some vigilance is required.  Mitzi has arrived and is ready for visits I the Worcester MA area.

 Sherriff is happy, friendly treeing walker coonhound from Virginia.  He's quiet and well-mannered and would make a good family dog.  He can be sweet and goofy and sometimes sounds like he's trying to talk - with all of his funny vocalizations.  Sherriff walks well on a leash; he's not a big barker; he likes to be with his people and would do well with the company of another dog when left alone.  Nothing not to like about this boy - all around great hound dog !   Sherriff is about 7 yrs old and weighs about 60 lbs.  Sherriff has arrived and is ready for visits.                     





Laverne and Shirley are two redtick sisters from Union County SC.  We can place them together or separately.  These beautiful redtick girls are between 1 and 2 yrs old, about 45 lbs each. They've been hanging out together at their foster home in South Carolina where they love to play and enjoy petting and attention from their fosters.  They are typical young coonhounds, energetic and playful, good with other dogs, and always ready for a good nap after some exercise.  If placed separately, we will require that each has a canine companion in the home.  Watch their video at: 

 Laverne and Shirley are arriving May 15.

 A big THANK YOU to the following folks who help us care for our hounds:

 The Ruff House, Dog Daycare and Boarding in Westford, MA     
Paws Club, Doggie Daycare and Boarding, Stoneham, MA            
 Bob McCullough, Training, walking and boarding. Arlington area MA
                           Specialist in E-collar off-leash training.

Courtesy Listings

The dogs listed here are adoptable through other organizations or individuals.  Northeast Coonhound Rescue has not evaluated these dogs and has no information on their health or temperment.  All information and negotiations regarding these dogs are beween the adopter and the organization listing them below. If no contact is given, please reply to us and we will forward your inquiry to the responsible person or organization in possession of the dog .  

Jace is a 10 month old Border Collie/Coonhound mix. He is everything you would expect a crazy hound/BC puppy to be. He loves to run, gallop, actually; he loves to chase, big dogs, little dogs, any dogs. He loves playing with other dogs -- big and small, male and female.
He likes to learn and learns quickly unless he decides to pretend he doesn't hear you. He came into foster care with no manners, but is in the process of learning. Countertops? yup, he'll surf them if given the chance. Recall?, only if he thinks food is involved. Housebroken? well, mostly.
He is timid around strangers and most men, but he has shown some progress with patience and positive reinforcement. When he was seized, he and his 6 brothers had had no socialization, so his progress is actually remarkable. He will bond quickly to a trusted person, but has had negative experiences with a man in the past, so he is not very willing to trust men quickly. Not perfect yet, but he is trying.
You can see more information about Jace at:
Contact Kim at New England Border Collie Rescue:


Gracie is an attractive female coonhound mix who was rescued at the age of 1 and has been with her current family for 5 years.  She is being rehomed due to a move and health problems in the family.
 She loves to comb the woods with her hound howl and is in her glory if she can run free with her nose to the ground tracking scents. She is a fast dog and has lots of energy. She isn't particularly fond of the cold and likes to find her sunny spot to curl up in. She is a great watch dog. she does well with leash-walking. 
She does not have a lab personality, of course, but ha done well in a  family with 6 children and although not an overly affectionate dog, she has her moments of affection that she gives to the children. She would probably be best suited to a household that has older children or just adults since she is not a real playful dog, although she will get into a good tug of war with the children.
She wags her tail excitedly when we return home and loves to go for walks and for car rides, as long as she has a window to put her head out of. She is housebroken and let's you know when she has to go out.
She likes to have her own bed area, but has been known to sneak out of bed to find a cozy spot in a bedroom closet.
She does not have formal obedience training, but this may be a good idea. We are keeping her confined to one area of the house that we recently moved into and she has been doing pretty well, although when the sun hits the other room she does her darndest to get to that room so we are continuing to work on her obedience.
 She really has not had any problems with any other dogs except the one that bit her recently. She has tended to get along fine with any she has encountered.

 Amy is a 5yr old purebred bluetick coonhound from Tennessee.  She has been living with a family in the Boston area for the last 4 years.  She needs a new home with dog-experienced owners.  She is affectionate and friendly, housebroken and walks on a leash.   Amy will sometimes bark at the other dog in the home and certain members of the family.  She has no bite history, but her behavior sometimes makes people uncomfortable.  She imght be best as a one-person dog, but can possibly overcome this tendency with some confidence building and a strong owner.  Contact:

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